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Years ago I wrote a short story for a magazine short story contest. If I remember correctly, the topic was supposed to have been about an African American woman with a struggle. I’ve experienced and witnessed relationships crumble due to a lack of communication, so I decided to make that a part of the story line. When there’s a lack of honest communication, usually hurt feelings, resentment, misunderstandings and loss of relationships is the outcome. I understand how having certain conversations can be uncomfortable and scary but there’s more good than not, that takes place when honest communication is involved. I decided to give insight as to how a lack of communication can be harmful.

Some of the people, who I allowed to read the story, enjoyed it and would periodically ask if I had any intentions of adding to the story. At the time, I was busy with other things and wasn’t interested. Years had passed and I was writing a book and was experiencing writers block more than usual. Out of frustration, I decided to put that writing to the side and pick back up the short story, everything just started to flow. Honestly, I feel like I needed to complete that short story before I could move on to the next book.

I feel this book appeals to girl dads, parents who have a close relationship with their children, anyone who might be keeping a secret from a loved one and is not aware as to how that secret is affecting everyone involved, and anyone who’s dealing with family drama, which I imagine would be a whole lot of people, because let’s face it, what family isn’t dealing with some kind of drama amongst each other.

I’m an introvert which comes off to some as something other than me simply being an introvert. Some people have related it to negative things, like me being mean or conceited. I love laughing. I’m always open for a good laugh.

Do not ignore your gut feeling.

When I was younger, my maternal grandmother told me to never let someone else’s negative actions change me for the worst.

I don’t have a best part. I love every teachable moment and the fact that people from all walks of life can relate to or have a family member who can relate to one of these characters.

Actually, I identify with at least four of the characters.