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I was born and raised in Chicago, IL and currently live a few hours outside of Chicago. I’m a mom to the most amazing human beings and have taken my responsibility of being a mom very seriously. Reading and journaling has been a favorite part of my past time every since I was a preteen.

I enjoyed writing my first self published book, “Why the Secrets?”, and developing each relatable character. I hope you enjoy traveling down this family’s journey of redemption, the importance of open, honest communication and why we should collect all the facts, before judging a person, or situation. Hopefully, this story helps you in your growth, and in strengthening those relationships that’s important to you.

Currently, I’m a contributing writer for Entrepreneur media, advocate and speaker for Feed My Starving Children, a nonprofit organization that provides nutritious meals to malnourished children in 70 countries, working on my next book, which will be nonfiction, and bringing more visibility to my hairbrush pouch I created, Pouches By ALAHTA.


About My Book

Queen Jones is the seven-year-old daughter of a successful African American married couple. She and her parents had a close and loving relationship.

That all changed one day when Queen woke up expecting to see her father, Charles, as she had always, but this time he wasn’t there.

She immediately started asking her mom, Linda, questions about her father’s whereabouts and continued to do so as she got older, but her mom always avoided answering. Fast forward to over a decade later. Queen is now a college student and her mom has remarried. Queen still hasn’t received an explanation for her father’s disappearance.

As a result of a horrible accident, the shocking truth comes out about everything. Even the reason as to why she and her mom no longer had a relationship with some of their extended family and why they had never met Queen’s mom new husband, Mark. Queen is so stunned regarding the reason for her father no longer being a part of her life that she starts to search for him; she has to hear his side of the story. She eventually finds her father.
The intriguing insight as to how one family secret caused a domino effect of confusion, division and resentment.

Will Queen ever find her father?